Yes, You Need a Mentor

Navigating the workforce can be scary, intimidating, and overwhelming. So, if you are trying to convince yourself that you can go about it alone, you are wrong. Having a mentor or someone at work that has your back is crucial to your success. A mentor can tell you about mistakes she has made and how to avoid those same pitfalls. Similarly, she can advise you about her experience in things such as negotiating a raise or dealing with a difficult boss.

In addition to a mentor, having an ally at work that looks out for you can be helpful as well. You need people at work that can vouch for your skills when you are not around. And, often times, your allies may not be other women. Don’t shy away from men in the workplace that vouch for your skills or otherwise have your back. Be thankful for the help and use the advice and insight to help advance in your career. Because after all, it takes a village…

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