The Secret Life of an Overachiever

From the outside looking in, overachievers appear to have it all. They are goal oriented, motivated, and on their way to success. It can be hard watching them in action because they always seem to have their sh*t together. But the harsh downside of being an overachiever is that they are never satisfied. As soon as they hit one milestone or accomplish a goal, they move on to the next item on their check list. While one would think they are basking in their seemingly frequent successes, overachievers are constantly stressed and burdened with figuring out how to climb to the next level: instead of enjoying the level they just reached.

If you’re an overachiever, you have to take a moment to enjoy what you just accomplished. This doesn’t mean simply post about it on LinkedIn, it means that you should really take a week or two and just chill. Treat yourself to a fancy dinner, celebrate by buying that Balenciaga scarf, or book a stay-cation and do nothing but binge watch Netflix. Then, as you’re planning your next move, write down at least three things that you have today that you wished of having before. Taking a moment to stop and realize how far you’ve come is a way to make sure that you aren’t speeding through life and missing it. Accomplishing goals and leveling up is great but, closing your eyes to the incredible view on the way up the mountain is not. Open your eyes and take it in, you’ve earned it.

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