5 New Year’s Resolutions to Jump Start Your Career

Year after year, we make resolutions to better ourselves but, rarely do we make resolutions to better our careers. Career resolutions keep us on track throughout the year and force us to reflect on the past year. If you don’t have any career resolutions on your list for 2017, here are 5 resolutions you should start with:

  1. Networking. Make an effort to attend one networking event a month and connect with people that you may have lost touch with over the last year. Attend a happy hour for professionals, grab coffee with a friend from college, or plan a social outing with co-workers.
  2. Keep your inbox under control. Set a goal to start each week with 0 unread emails. Organization leads to productivity. So, set a time each morning to answer emails, unsubscribe from unwanted emails, and delete junk mail.
  3. Seek constructive criticism. To successfully climb the ladder at work, you have to grow and advance your skill set. The best way to do this is to ask for feedback on projects and use that feedback to improve.
  4. Stop being a negative Nancy. It’s so easy to complain and focus on all of the things that seem to be going wrong at work. This year, try to eliminate complaining and set a goal to look at life with a glass half full attitude.
  5. Read More. Studies show that people who read are more successful than people who don’t. So, read more; read anything; just read. Set a goal to read five books this year, then next year, up that goal to ten.

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