Is Your Gaping Button-Down Shirt Ruining Your Life? Here’s How To Fix It…

We all love a crisp white button-down shirt. But, button-down shirts can become your worst enemy when it comes to office attire.  Shirts that are too small or that gape  in between buttons and show your bra to the entire office just aren’t professional. You leave the house looking great but two minutes later your shirt looks like this…


Here’s how to fix it:

If you turn sideways in the mirror and notice one or two small openings in your shirt, around your bra, then all you need is some double sided fashion tape. Cut a piece of the tape that’s the length of the space in between the buttons, apply the tape, and firmly hold the two sides of the shirt together until it feels secure and doesn’t gape open. And, don’t forget to pack an extra piece of fashion tape in your bag for the day, just in case your awesome boobs decide to pop the tape open in the middle of the day.

Now, if you look in the mirror and notice openings in between every single button, then you need to buy a larger size shirt.  You may be worried that a larger size will look boxy or that the sleeves will be too long so, invest in a good tailor to make some tweaks. It will only cost you a few dollars and the shirt will look custom made.

For some of us though, no matter what size we buy, the shirt gapes open, or our boobs break free after five minutes of the shirt being taped closed. If you are one of these women and you don’t want to give up on button-down shirts completely, then try wearing a neutral colored camisole underneath the shirt so that your bra is not on display for every office looky-loo. You may also want to try buying a men’s shirt and getting it tailored to your curves.

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