Ten Things Every Professional Should Carry In Her Handbag

If you’re like most women, you carry a large purse that holds some of your most prized possessions. But when you dig through your Louis Vuitton, never-full tote bag, do you actually find what you need? Do you even have everything a professional should have? My guess is no. So, here are the ten essential items you be should carrying in your purse:

  1. Business Cards. This should go without saying but, a lot of women forget to carry business cards. If you want to be taken seriously, carry your business cards and give them out. This Kate Spade card holder is perfection.
  2. Mini Lint Roller. Dog hair is cute on your dog, not on your slacks.
  3. Small Makeup Bag. Unless you’re flawless and can go without makeup, you need to carry a small makeup bag so that you can freshen up your makeup mid-day. Travel size versions of your favorite mascara, concealer, and lipstick are ideal. Keep them in a small makeup bag like this one.
  4. Hygiene Products. Deodorant, travel tooth brush, mints . . . you get the point.
  5. Fashion Tape. Don’t fall victim to a gaping button-down shirt.
  6. Tide Pen. Well, because, spills happen.
  7. A Mirror. Check your teeth for food . . . and lipstick.
  8. Tylenol. A headache can quickly ruin your day.
  9. Lotion. Don’t wear killer heels and have ashy ankles. Carry lotion and use it .
  10. A Nail File. A broken or split nail is the worst. These mini nail files are our favorite.


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