Stop Going To Work With Wet Hair

You know those nights when you stay up way too late finishing the last three episodes of This Is Us, then your alarm goes off in the morning and you hit snooze six times? Well, the problem is, that after you finally peel yourself off of your pillow, you’re running late for the monthly staff meeting at your new job. So, after you shower, rather than take the time to blow dry your hair, you leave it wet, throw on some blush, grab a pop tart, and head to work.

Even though you somehow arrive on time, your cover is blown because wet hair is a sign of poor time management. Arriving to work with wet hair announces to the entire office that you were running late, or that you’re too lazy to spend the time to blow dry your hair. Now, there are the select few who can wash their hair, throw it in a bun, and take it down at lunch to reveal glorious locks. But, for the majority of us, we simply look like we got caught in the rain and can’t manage our own lives.

So, rather than arriving to work with wet hair, skip the shampoo and use a dry shampoo, or throw your hair in a high bun with a dramatic earring. You may think you look a mess but, at work, dry dirty hair is better than clean wet hair.

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