It’s Just Coffee

There are two types of women in the world—those who help other women up the ladder, and those who make it their life mission to knock those below them off the ladder. Don’t be the latter. Stop being selfish and pass along what you have learned. And, if you don’t want to pass it along then at least don’t actively try to derail a young woman’s career simply because you think the skirt she wore to work on Tuesday  was too tight. Instead, casually mention your favorite professional fashion blog, Corporette, so that she can learn tips about office attire, just like you did. And, if she asks you to go to coffee, say yes, it’s just coffee. As women, our best resource is information from women who came before us.

Sure, you had a hard time when you first entered the workforce, and now women have books like Lean In and Girl Boss but, that doesn’t mean that women below you on the ladder have it easier—you don’t know their stories or challenges. Rather than being an enemy, be an ally, and pride yourself on paving the way for all the young women who look up to you, because, you wouldn’t be where you are had it not been for someone helping you along the way too.

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