Be Assertive. Men Are.

In the workplace, men are never afraid to ask to be involved when an opportunity presents itself. Yet, as women, we are hesitant in these situations because we don’t want to come across as pushy. Yes, when we are assertive, we are unfortunately labeled as pushy or bossy. But, these labels shouldn’t scare us into silence. To the contrary, these labels are the exact reason why, as women, we need to speak up and show those we work with that we are capable and competent, just like our male counterparts. The more we speak up, the more “normal” it will become for a woman to be just as assertive as a man.

So, if you hear about a work opportunity that you are interested in, such as a new project, be assertive, express your interest, and explain why you are qualified, because, I can guarantee that while you were sitting at your desk waiting for opportunity to knock, your male coworker went out and tackled opportunity in the street by walking down the hall, knocking on his bosses door, and expressing his interest. Even though you were more qualified, he was placed on the project simply because he asked. So, speak up, be assertive, and don’t silence yourself in fear of being labeled.

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