Handbags Are The New Trophies


When you won first place at your third grade science fair, you received a shiny ribbon. When your team won first place at your AAU tournament, you received a trophy. But, as an adult, life’s accomplishments don’t result in trophies; there are no awards; there are no ceremonies; there are no announcements; there is rarely even any acknowledgment at all.

It’s easy to get discouraged when we don’t receive praises for our hard work. We end up feeling unappreciated. That’s why you have to pat yourself on the back; it’s the only way to remain motivated and will help make sure you continue on your grind towards success.

Too often, the lack of acknowledgement leads us to abandon the path we are on because we want to feel appreciated but, the truth is, people don’t always tell us how awesome we are, and it doesn’t make us less awesome. Don’t put your worth in someone else’s hands by seeking their acknowledgement and praise, know your own worth and reward yourself for your accomplishments. And, yes, a reward can be that new handbag you have been eyeing in the window at Saks. Consider it as the adult version of a trophy. Just don’t go overboard and blow your life savings.

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