Are You Working Hard Enough?

We all think that we work a lot. And, we all think that we are the most exhausted person in the room. But, chances are, we are not working hard enough to achieve our goals.

If you’re one of those women who wants to advance your career and level up (i.e., get to the next stage of your career) then you can’t just work, you have to work hard. Just like working out in the gym, career advancement requires that you kick it up a notch.

For example: if you begin a new workout program with the hopes of seeing results, most personal trainers will tell you that you have to push yourself. You can’t take leisurely walks on the treadmill and eat Oreos for dinner and expect to lose 20lbs. Instead, you have to say goodbye to the junk food, pick up the pace in the gym, work up a sweat, and be slightly uncomfortable and out of breath—because if you’re comfortable holding a conversation while working out then you aren’t working hard enough. Plus, getting results requires that you work up a sweat more than once; it requires a continuous and consistent intensity. Only after repeat sweat sessions in the gym and discipline in the kitchen do you see results.

The same is true in your career.

Think of the kitchen as your place of employment. You need to eliminate the junk. Don’t get caught up in the office gossip and things that don’t advance your career. Rather, focus on working hard on things that help feed your career. Give your work assignments an extra proof read, stay late to get one more task done, and remain focused.

Now, think of your gym sessions as what you need to do in your free time to get to the next level. Sure, you may be logging in on the weekends here and there to do some work; but, would that work be classified as a “leisurely walk”? Because if so, you need to go harder. Just like you have to push yourself in the gym, you have to push yourself when choosing to work another hour versus choosing to lay on the couch and scroll through Instagram. Yes, you will be tired, but aren’t you also tired after an hour in the gym? You have to push yourself and get to that slightly uncomfortable zone to see results.

It’s simple, in order to level up you have to work harder.



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