What You Should Eliminate From Your Email Signature Immediately

On any given day, most professionals send and receive hundreds of emails. And, although you assume your email signature goes unnoticed, it doesn’t. Your email signature is the last impression you leave the recipient; so, don’t ruin your otherwise professional email with an email signature that is tacky, immature, and unprofessional.

These are the things you need to remove from your email signature:

  1. Quotes and words of wisdom. Your email signature is not the place to change the world. The end of your email should be void of quotes or religious scriptures that may rub your audience the wrong way. While you think you are making the world a better place, one email at a time, the recipient of your email thinks you are unprofessional and insensitive to views and religions that differ from your own.
  2. Large, colorful text. Your email signature is also not the time to express your creative side. An email that ends with your name in large, purple, cursive text makes you look immature. Your email signature should be in the same size, color, and font as the body of the email—which should be black or dark blue, size 11 or 12, and in a traditional font.
  3. Emojis and symbols. The best way to end your email is with a salutation, such as “thank you,”  “kind regards,” or “best” followed by your name. Smiley faces, emojis, and “xoxo” should never be used.

If you eliminate the above things from your email signature, you will appear more professional and the recipients of your emails will take you seriously.

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