How Successful People Introduce Themselves

Whether they’re at a formal networking event or they casually meet someone walking out of yoga, successful people do these three things when introducing themselves:

  1. They have a firm handshake: Successful people show assertiveness by shaking hands firmly and making eye contact. So, avoid the wet noodle handshake and keep your eyes off of the floor. A firm handshake and eye contact show the person you’re meeting that you’re confident. Also, don’t be afraid to put your hand out first.
  2. They eliminate pointless introductions: When you shake hands and introduce yourself, eliminate the “hi, my name is Heather Brown” introduction. Instead, simply put your hand out and say “Heather Brown.” Successful people don’t rely on pleasantries to win people over. When you are assertive and confident, the person you meet will know you mean business.
  3. They don’t recite their resume: Successful people have nothing to prove. If the person you’re meeting wants to know what you do for a living, she will ask. When you first meet people, ask them questions before you dive into your life goals. Don’t use the moment as a chance to rattle off your Ivy League credentials either. If the person you just met is interested in getting to know you or wants to do business with you, she will ask. So, have your business cards ready but, wait until the right moment presents itself.

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