How To Get The Inside Scoop From Your Future Employer

It’s 7:43am and you are pacing back and forth in the elevator that is headed to the 14th floor for your interview. Today is the day that you are interviewing for your first job out of college. As you pace nervously, in your not-yet-broken-in Steve Madden pumps, you anticipate the tough questions that will be thrown your way during the interview. You walk into the interview, and because you researched every aspect of the company, you nail every question. But, at the end of the interview, you are left feeling unknowledgeable. This is because you were dying to find out if the company offers paid maternity leave and whether sick days are docked from your vacation days. But, because the interviewer didn’t mention it, you didn’t ask—out of fear that you would come across as lazy. So, how exactly should you go about getting the answers to these questions, because let’s face it, paid leave is important and may help you make the decision between this job and the company that offered you a position last week. So, here’s how to get the inside scoop:

Once you are offered a position, prior to accepting, ask to see a copy of the benefits package. Asking during the interview may come across as too presumptuous. But, if an offer of employment is extended, you can ask to see the benefits prior to accepting the position. This way, you can learn about paid maternity leave and the details regarding vacation, without directly asking about time off. Now, rather than your future employer thinking you are lazy, your future employer thinks you are a mature candidate that wants to make an informed decision prior to accepting any offers.

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