Here’s Why You Can’t Have It All


As women, we grow up aspiring to “have it all” but, at what cost? Our sanity? Our health? I hate to break the news to you but, you can’t have it all. Sure, you can have a successful career and be a great wife and mother; but, you can’t have a successful career, plan date night every week, make every ballet recital, make every happy hour with your bestie, get up at 5am for Crossfit five days a week, cook a great meal for your family every night, help with the science fair project that’s due tomorrow, make it to bible study, visit a friend who is in town, and still have time for yourself.

It’s literally impossible. And, you will drive yourself crazy.

Instead of aspiring to have it all, aspire to do three things extremely well. Yes, only three. Maybe you work hard to advance in your career, you make every ballet recital, and you make time to work out. That way, you feel committed but, you aren’t spreading yourself too thin.

Now, if you are the type of woman that has to be involved in everything, then you have to learn how to sprinkle your time across several things. So, maybe you make every other ballet recital, you attend a few happy hours, you work out twice a week instead of five times a week, and you make a crock-pot meal on Sunday that your family can eat on until Wednesday. Either way, you have to be ok with not “having it all” because while we like to wear our superwoman capes and pretend that we are successfully juggling everything, we are still only human.

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