Comparison is the Thief of Joy

It seems like the easiest way to measure our success is to look at those around us. We troll the Instagram pages of girls we know to see if we are doing as well as they seem to be doing. And, when Lauren—a girl who seems to have it all—posts that she is out with her #besties at that new bar in the Heights, we spend the rest of the night wondering why we don’t have as many friends as Lauren.

But, comparing our lives to the social media pages of others isn’t giving us a realistic comparison because we rarely get the whole story. People typically post their best moments on social media and you never hear about the other stuff. You never see the post about the 10lbs Kayla gained or the post about how Ashton received an eviction notice on her front door because she blew her rent shopping for that new Gucci bag she posted about on Saturday. Just know that while everyone has successes, everyone also has failures and setbacks that you never see. So, stop comparing yourself to others—simply, do you. Otherwise, you will end up unhappy and feeling inadequate, because comparison is the thief of joy.

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