What You Should Be Doing At Work To Get Ahead

There is an art to getting ahead at work. Not only does it take working hard and being likeable, but it also takes you tooting your own horn from time to time.

Yes, you need to brag a little to get ahead.

Men are extremely good at announcing what they are working on, what challenges they faced, and how they successfully handled those challenges. However, for some reason, women don’t do this as much as we should. From a young age, we are taught not to brag because it comes across as cocky and obnoxious. And, sure, too much bragging is obnoxious. But if you strategically brag and toot your own horn, your coworkers and boss—and your boss’s boss—will be aware of your value and your abilities. And, when the people you work with are aware of your abilities and accomplishments, you will automatically be placed in the running when there is an opportunity for advancement. So, don’t be shy. Toot your own horn.

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