3 Ways to Become More Likable at Work

Although work is not about winning the award for most popular, what many success-seeking people fail to realize is that being likable is a rung on the corporate ladder that cannot be overstepped. Being likable doesn’t mean you have to go to every happy hour or attend every baby shower; but it does mean that you should try these three things:

Stop making everything about you.

We all  have that coworker that makes everything about her. If that coworker is you, stop. Try to be a better listener. If Liz from accounting simply needs to vent about the new intern, let her vent. Don’t interrupt her to tell her about how you got caught in the rain this morning. Liz doesn’t care. She just needs you to listen. You will be more likable if you are a person that is able to listen and empathize without always shifting the focus back to yourself.

Don’t be so negative.

Maybe you were late to work because of traffic, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve had the worst day of your life. And, your coworkers will thank you if you stop acting like you have. People who find the negative in every situation are exhausting. Instead, without over doing it, try to highlight the good in situations.

Support the accomplishments of others.

It’s easy to toot your own horn; not many people can toot someone else’s. When a colleague wins a big case or has the highest sales for the month, let her know how awesome and exciting that is. Even taking the time to give them something small, as a “congratulations,” goes a long way. Your colleagues will not only appreciate the gesture but, they will trust you and know that you are in their corner: which is extremely valuable when advancing your career.

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