Why You Need to Stop Apologizing

More often than we would like to admit, we have apologized to someone at work for no reason at all. Without even realizing it, we say, “sorry” when there is no reason to apologize. For example:

You knock on your coworker’s door and when he says “come in” you say “sorry, I just have a quick question.”

Or, you’re leading a staff meeting and want to suggest an idea, so you say, “sorry, but I wanted to share a way that we can boost online sales.”

But why exactly are you sorry? In both of the above scenarios, there was no need to apologize. When you apologize repeatedly, simply because you are about to speak, it’s as if you’re saying “sorry for speaking.” In the workplace, you should never apologize for speaking up or offering an opinion. Rather than starting your sentences with an unnecessary apology, just speak.

As women, we are taught to avoid being intrusive, so we say sorry before we speak, thinking that it makes us sound more polite—but it doesn’t. It makes us sound timid and weak. Eliminating the unnecessary “sorry” will make us sound more confident, assertive, and competent. So, stop the gratuitous apologies and only tell people you are sorry when there is a legitimate reason to be sorry.

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