What You Need To Consider Before Getting Your Next Tattoo


Sometimes, we decide to get a tattoo for sentimental reasons; sometimes, we decide to get a tattoo in the wee hours of the morning because a friend dared us to get one so that she could Snapchat it. Either way, the higher we climb in our careers, the more careful we need to be when permanently marking our bodies.

In a professional work environment, upper management and conservative clients typically don’t have or understand piercings and tattoos. Therefore, when they see your piercing or the rattle snake tattoo wrapped around your wrist, it makes you harder to relate to. I’m not saying forgo your tattoos, just think about the location of the tattoo or piercing if you work in a professional setting.

Make sure that when you have on your work clothes your tattoos are covered. And, avoid getting tattoos in places that you cannot cover up, such as the top of your foot or your neck. When considering piercings, choose places that are conservative and think twice before you get that eyebrow piercing. 

If you work in an industry where piercings, tattoos, and blue hair are the norm, then by all means, show off your new 3D arm sleeve. But, if you work in a conservative office or workspace, you should remove your piercings and cover up your tattoos.

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