If You Want To Be Taken Seriously, Eliminate These Two Things From Your Work Emails

In the workplace, email correspondence is just as important as verbal communication. But, because emails do not convey your facial expression or tone of voice, emails are always taken at face value. So, to be taken seriously by the recipient of your emails, stop doing the following two things:

1. Using too many exclamation points. Exclamation points are a great way to emphasize your excitement in an email. But, when you use four exclamation points instead of one, you sound more like an excited eight year old, rather than a twenty-something, mature, working professional.

2. Using smiley faces and emojis. In a work email, you shouldn’t use smiley faces or other emojis. Again, it makes you look young and inexperienced. Sure, there are times when an emoji may be appropriate, such as casually emailing a coworker you are close with. But, when responding to a client or emailing your boss, use your words, not smiley faces.

So instead of typing:


Do you have a print out of Dan’s proposal? It was so good!!! I can’t wait to start on this project!!! 🙂 Thanks!!!

xoxo Beth 🙂

Try typing this:


Do you have a print out of Dan’s proposal? I thought it was really good. I am looking forward to working on this project with the team. Thanks!


The second email conveys your excitement in a mature way and will make those you work with take you more seriously.

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