Lazy Sunday, Productive Monday

Sunday seems like the perfect day to accomplish all those pesky tasks that make the coming week easier. Whether it be folding laundry, making the kids’ lunches, picking out work clothes, meal prepping for that new diet, or working on a presentation for work, we usually end Sunday feeling extremely accomplished, but also extremely fatigued.

While doing the week’s prep work is necessary to have a seamless week, recharging and simply being lazy is also necessary. When you spend your Sunday buzzing around the house, organizing and packing the week ahead, you end up tired on Monday morning, and less productive because you have to fight to stay awake. So, after you tackle some of Sunday’s tasks, take a break. Go to brunch with some friends, take a nap, or cozy up in your favorite chair with a book. The couple of hours of “lazy” time, will allow you to recharge so that come Monday, you are well rested, and ultimately more productive.

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