The One Career Mistake You’re Making and Don’t Even Know it

As women, we are mistakenly told to put our heads down, work hard, and be nice. But one of the biggest career mistakes you can make is not advocating for yourself. Yes, you work 10 hours a day and get along with everyone in the office; but, if you aren’t actively seeking out opportunities because you’re waiting for people to approach you then you’re going to be disappointed.

We’ve all heard the saying “squeaky wheel gets the oil.” Be the squeaky wheel. Speak up. If you want to be included on a new project, ask. If you want to be considered for a promotion, ask. And don’t just ask, be prepared to discuss why you’re qualified for the project or position. Stop sitting back and thinking your hard work will speak for itself, because it won’t. You will end up sitting at your desk wondering why no one has approached you. Take your career and future into your own hands and ask for opportunities, even if you have to ask more than once.


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